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Hard Stinky Water In Our Campground

During the winter we were in a rv park for about 6 months.  The water was so hard that it would not get anything clean including your body. So hubby decided it was time to researd and read reviews on RV water softeners. For him this is about a weeks chore of several hours a day. He takes his research very serious.

When finished with his task he decided on the  On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable 1 6,000 Grain RV Water Softener. This rv unit has really good reviews. We ordered on and within a week it was at our rv door. 

It was just a tad bit bigger than we epected so we decided not to put it in the basement. But to leave it outside under our slide where it will be out of the sun. It works fantastic and all you do if connect the hose to it.  What I find amazing is that it only take 2 boxes of kitchen salt to regen it.

We did find out the New Mexico and Arizona has the hardest water in the country. So we need to regen about every 10 days. No more spots on the sinks and the dishes are cyrstal clear. Not to mention how wonderful it is to take a shower with soft water. Totally love it!!



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